Site Deployment Case Study

Site Deployment Case Study

CIS was engaged by JB Towers to perform full site deployment services for a client in Evansville, Indiana.  Their client required a very specific tower height and location to optimize their operational needs, and Evansville had adopted a zoning code that effectively prohibited towers of this height in many areas of the city due to […]

Site Management Case Study

CIS’s experience managing and maximizing our own site portfolio puts us in a unique situation to help others achieve those same goals as well.     In the early 2000’s CIS was approached by a high-rise building owner regarding the management of their rooftop.  The building owner was interested in gaining additional wireless revenue on the […]

Construction Management Case Study

In 1995, the race was on for Sprint’s nationwide network buildout in all of the major metropolitan areas throughout the country. CIS was awarded a major site acquisition and construction contract from Sprint to develop and deliver a high volume of sites throughout Missouri and Illinois. With thousands of sites in the various stages of […]

Zoning Approval & Permitting Case Study

CIS became aware of the need for a tower in a populated area of Granite City, IL, where many carriers had tried and failed at in the past.  Granite City had adopted a zoning code that effectively prohibited towers in many areas of the city due to zoning district regulations and tower setback requirements. After surveying […]

Due Diligence Case Study

As part of a major coverage expansion project for a major wireless client, CIS was assigned a turnkey site that was located in a very sensitive historical area in Alton, IL.  CIS successfully identified, negotiated, and zoned a pair of flagpole towers located on a historical cemetery that is home to the Elijah P. Lovejoy […]

Architectural & Engineering Case Study

When US Cellular was aggressively expanding across the Midwest, St. Louis, MO was eyed as a major expansion market for the carrier.  In order to expedite the buildout of the market, US Cellular contracted with a major out of town turnkey vendor for site acquisition, regulatory, environmental, A&E, and construction management services.  Unfortunately, the project […]

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