Site Modifications

You may already own or lease a site, but may not have the equipment on that site necessary to provide the service demanded by your customers. Let CIS help you step through the process of upgrading and modifying your site so you can keep pace with technology and the ever expanding coverage and capacity demands placed on you and your wireless network.

CIS has extensive experience in providing turnkey site modification services for customers ranging in size from the largest of the wireless carriers to local wireless internet services providers. CIS can help you perform equipment audits, lease reviews, zoning/permitting analysis, tower structural and ground space reviews, as well as other reports necessary to gage the feasibility of your modification project. Once equipment is selected and the final site build plan is developed, CIS can help you with lease amendments, construction drawings, structural analysis, zoning/permitting, and acquiring the coveted notice to proceed.

Start to finish, CIS can help you get your site modification project completed whether it consists of one site or of hundreds. Contact us today for a detailed review of your project and a proposal on how we can get you to your goal.

Case Studies