NGA South Tower Site

CIS Communications is pleased to announce the completion of AT&T’s colocation onto our newest tower site, CIS-MO-041 NGA South, which was erected in late 2018.  The tower is located in the City of St. Louis, and is situated directly to the east of the new National Geospatial Agency (NGA) campus, which is currently under construction.  […]

In-Building Coverage Solutions

Today’s environment requires reliable indoor cellular coverage in residential homes and commercial buildings.  It is not a luxury, it is a necessity, and many factors contribute to the reduction of reliable cellular signal strength.  Fortunately, CIS has products that can alleviate these issues, which is why we are pleased to have partnered with the largest […]

American Legion

We are pleased to announce the closing of a ground lease monetization for a U.S. military veteran based not for profit. CIS was engaged by this organization to pursue the sale of a single tenant SBA ground lease. After a thorough lease review, detailed RFP process, and sell side negotiation/closing support, CIS was able to […]

Site Deployment Case Study

Site Deployment Case Study

CIS was engaged by JB Towers to perform full site deployment services for a client in Evansville, Indiana.  Their client required a very specific tower height and location to optimize their operational needs, and Evansville had adopted a zoning code that effectively prohibited towers of this height in many areas of the city due to […]

Site Management Case Study

CIS’s experience managing and maximizing our own site portfolio puts us in a unique situation to help others achieve those same goals as well.     In the early 2000’s CIS was approached by a high-rise building owner regarding the management of their rooftop.  The building owner was interested in gaining additional wireless revenue on the […]

Construction Management Case Study

In 1995, the race was on for Sprint’s nationwide network buildout in all of the major metropolitan areas throughout the country. CIS was awarded a major site acquisition and construction contract from Sprint to develop and deliver a high volume of sites throughout Missouri and Illinois. With thousands of sites in the various stages of […]

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