NGA South Tower Site

CIS Communications is pleased to announce the completion of AT&T’s colocation onto our newest tower site, CIS-MO-041 NGA South, which was erected in late 2018.  The tower is located in the City of St. Louis, and is situated directly to the east of the new National Geospatial Agency (NGA) campus, which is currently under construction.  Albeit successful, zoning approval for this tower was lengthy and difficult to achieve, and the significance of this tower location can not be understated, due to the National Geospatial Agency implementation of a new security buffer zone surrounding the entirety of the NGA campus for a ½ mile in every direction.  The new security zone specifically restricts the erection of any new cellular and/or frequency transmission towers within the buffer zone area. In addition to the massive new NGA campus, a new city hospital under construction, and the revitalization of the area allows this tower site to accommodate the growing cellular coverage and capacity needs.