Site Management

All the resources necessary for a complete telecommunication tower management solution that puts your assets to work for you.

Construction Management

CIS effectively manages all aspects of construction from acquiring the first permit to site turn on, giving you a completed turnkey wireless telecom site.

Zoning Approval & Permitting

We know our area. Our experience give us the edge to obtain governmental approvals for sites, even when faced with the most difficult zoning jurisdictions like those in the St. Louis area.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence when done well is the foundation of a well-managed wireless telecom site. We manage the entire process to ensure that your sites will remain compliant for the long term.

Architectural & Engineering

Through a process tailored to each client’s guidelines, CIS coordinates the services of surveyors, engineers, and other consultants to provide a streamlined and cost effective A&E process.

Lease / Purchase Negotiation

Long-term leases, purchase, or collocation, our experienced real estate professionals advise and negotiate on behalf of our clients to obtain the best terms in both leasing and/or buying sites.

Site Acquisition

Building a successful wireless telecom site starts with acquiring the perfect site, and there are many steps in that process. CIS has all of the experience to ensure your site is exactly what you need.


CIS offers both comprehensive and á la carte solutions for any aspect of your telecommunications needs. Our team of experts has a wealth of knowledge to benefit your project.

In-Building Coverage Solutions

In today’s environment, indoor cellular coverage is a necessity, not a luxury.  There are many factors that contribute to the reduction/elimination of cellular signal strength in residential homes and commercial businesses, and we have products that can alleviate these issues.  CIS has partnered with the largest names in the in-building wireless space to provide coverage […]