Zoning Approval & Permitting

There are many factors that must be in line in order to develop a telecommunications site. This includes not only a well-selected location that meets the client’s technical criteria, but also one that complies with the local zoning and permitting requirements. One of CIS Communications’ greatest strengths is our ability to obtain governmental zoning approvals for telecom sites in difficult jurisdictions where others cannot.

Every jurisdiction has a unique set of processes and procedures. Our many years of experience in the industry have allowed us to gain a wealth of knowledge about these varying processes and procedures, and how to best maneuver within them. When faced with the most difficult zoning jurisdictions, we specialize in moving each site through in a timely manner, while maintaining the strict attention to detail that has become a hallmark of all of CIS Communications’ work.

By contracting for our services, our clients have an advocate working on their behalf with vast expertise and diligence. This allows them to streamline this difficult and highly-variable element of the site development process and know they are in capable hands with CIS.

CIS Communications will coordinate:

  • Initial Meeting With Zoning Jurisdiction
  • Completion Of All Required Zoning/Building Permit Applications
  • Preparation Of All Zoning/Building Permit Materials (i.e. reports, charts, etc.)
  • Attendance And Presentation At All Public Hearings (i.e. P&Z Meetings, Alderman/Council Meetings, Board of Adjustment, Board of Appeals, etc.)
  • Coordination With Outside Legal Counsel (if Necessary)
  • Delivery Of Zoning Approval And Building Permit

CIS can also assist in obtaining other governmental approvals, which include but are not limited to:

  • Fire Permits
  • Curb Cut Permits
  • Temporary Tower Permits (COW’s, TOW’s, COLT’s, etc.)

Our proven track record in obtaining some of the most difficult zoning approvals on hundreds of sites offers our clients the peace of mind knowing that this particularly tricky piece of the site development process has been expertly handled down to the last detail.

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