Site Acquisition

The selection of a candidate site can be one of the most important steps of the site development process. This step is the building block of the entire development process, and it is where a thorough understanding of all principals of site development will save you valuable time and money. That’s where CIS Communications’ experience in telecommunications site selection can help.

The initial candidate search for existing wireless tower assets is based on information provided by Radio Frequency (RF) Engineers or other sources as directed by the client. Once relevant search criteria have been provided, CIS Communications will begin to investigate all available opportunities whether they are collocation, raw land, or rooftop opportunities.

Working from the current available options, we will develop a report specific to each potential site candidate, and detail the possibilities and obstacles that exist with each location.

With each potential site, we can offer insight into:

  • Probability of Zoning Approval
  • Leasing Feasibility
  • Financial Feasibility
  • Construction Issues (i.e. easements, access issues, etc.)

Armed with this information, we give the client the ability to effectively evaluate their options, perform a cost benefit analysis for each site, and successfully select a primary target site that best fits their needs.

CIS has consulted on and evaluated thousands of wireless search rings since its inception. This, along with our commitment to our clients and proven track record of selecting successful sites, is what makes CIS Communications a trusted leader in the telecommunications industry.

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