Construction Management

CIS Communications specializes in the expert management of the construction and development of wireless communications sites for our clients. We have been involved in some of the largest wireless communications projects in the country and our experienced staff are well versed in all aspects of the wireless site development process.

Once a site is acquired and all necessary zoning and building permit approvals have been granted, we move to construction management. CIS will assist in this phase of development and effectively manage all aspects of construction from initial mobilization to close out. Our extensive experience in site construction management and our attention to detail helps ensure a smooth construction schedule. This allows you, our client, to meet or exceed demanding on-air times for any given project.

Drawing upon our management experience in the construction of hundreds of communications sites and our wealth of resources and affiliations within the wireless industry, CIS has developed a time-proven four-step process for the completion of wireless communication site construction:


The pre-permit phase involves a preliminary financial proforma created on a site-by-site basis. CIS Communications evaluates each site individually and estimates a projected build cost to assist you with budgeting. Hard costs for the project will be determined and variables such as power, fiber, and access will be estimated through meetings with contractors, utility providers, and other services.

Equipment Procurement & Bidding

Once a client allocates funds for a grouping of sites, CIS will detail a list of required equipment for each site, order the equipment, and coordinate warehousing and distribution. Drawing on the knowledge gained from our years of experience in the industry, CIS will competitively bid and assign the equipment installation to a qualified general contractor. CIS will audit the construction progress for quality control and track costs to ensure budget compliance.

Site Construction

Throughout this phase, CIS effectively becomes the liaison between the engineers, equipment manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, and you, the client. At the beginning of construction, a CIS representative will be present to meet with the general contractor as well as any government officials, property owners, major subcontractors and utility representatives regarding the construction plans. Upon completion of the installation, CIS will coordinate with the original engineers, surveyors, and suppliers to develop an “as-built” close out package. This package will thoroughly document all physical aspects of the construction site and be presented to the client.

Accounting and Reporting

CIS Communications believes that an informed client is a satisfied client. We want to keep our clients informed of the progress of any project throughout the entire construction process. CIS will provide you with a steady stream of construction information including detailed projected vs. actual expenditures, site construction reports, and any other client specific reports you may require to measure the progress of the project.

In choosing CIS Communications to manage the construction of your telecommunications site, you are making a choice for a successful project that is completed on time and with all key aspects of the build expertly handled. You can trust your project in the hands of CIS Communications.

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