Small Cell, DAS & Fiber

Robust and reliable connectivity everywhere. Is it even possible? The answer is yes when you have CIS on your side.

Let’s start with the basics. Although mobile phone technology has been an integral part of mainstream society for years, the reliance on data and prevalence of streaming entertainment continues to soar to new heights. How can carriers, venue owners, and thought leaders satisfy this insatiable demand?

The solution is almost as versatile as the application. Small cell, DAS, and Fiber technology, when implemented correctly, are game changers in the face of the modern data boom.

Here are the facts and the CIS difference with Small Cell, DAS, and Fiber:

  • Small cell isn’t new. In fact, it’s been around for quite a while. CIS has been working with these types of technologies since their inception, giving us unparalleled expertise on their implementation and advantages.
  • A lot of our competitors will tell you there are more challenges than advantages with Small Cell, DAS, and Fiber. However, CIS recognizes the key to optimizing capacity with Small Cell, DAS, or Fiber is about making it work for you. We will audit your exact needs and goals and help you make decisions that not only protects your network, but your budget.
  • Site Selection is critical when it comes to Small Cell, DAS, and Fiber. Because these solutions are designed to provide powerful performance improvements, but take up as little energy and space as possible, keeping them unobtrusive without marring their functionality is a task best left to an expert.
  • You might think that installing Small Cell, DAS, or Fiber would be an easy task because of its size. However, there are still leasing, zoning, permitting, and other regulatory requirements that must be adhered to even on your own properties. CIS specializes in navigating the complexities involved in deploying these innovative solutions.
  • Small Cell, DAS, and Fiber are not set-it-and-forget-it solutions. CIS also acts as a valuable resource for the long-term management of these installations.

Contact CIS to explore the innovative possibilities that can improve connectivity and capacity in the places where you need it most.

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