Lease / Purchase Negotiation

Whether you wish to lease or purchase a property for your telecommunications site needs, CIS Communications can assist in fee simple purchase or ground lease negotiation. We have acquired thousands of sites on behalf of our clients, and it is this experience and market knowledge that allows us to secure the most favorable terms. As experts with extensive backgrounds in the area of vertical real estate, we put our combined years of experience to use for our clients.

Long Term Lease

Leasing or tower collocation can be financially beneficial in the long term, but only if your lease is well-negotiated from the start. That’s where we come in. CIS Communications considers and advises our clients regarding issues including but not limited to rental rates, escalation clauses, lease duration, collocation fees, subleasing, access, use, and early termination.

For clients who prefer long-term leases, we can coordinate all aspects of the leasing process on your behalf including but not limited to:

  • Term & Language Negotiation
  • Coordinate Lease Execution
  • Title Review
  • Non-Disturbance Agreements
  • Memorandum of Lease
  • Negotiating 3rd Party Easements


Purchasing a property for your site is dependent on coordinating several moving parts, which is exactly what we excel at. The team at CIS can help you ensure you have all aspects of the purchasing process well accounted for so that your property purchase is a successful choice for your company.

For clients who prefer to purchase, we can coordinate and assist in all aspects of the purchase including but not limited to:

  • Purchase Terms
  • Option Contracts
  • Contingency Clauses
  • Title Review
  • Property Closing