Zoning Approval & Permitting Case Study

CIS became aware of the need for a tower in a populated area of Granite City, IL, where many carriers had tried and failed at in the past.  Granite City had adopted a zoning code that effectively prohibited towers in many areas of the city due to zoning district regulations and tower setback requirements.

After surveying the area, CIS identified an existing light duty self-support tower that was designed and used for a local business’ two-way communication system.  The existing tower was not structurally capable of supporting a wireless carrier.  After a comprehensive review of the city’s zoning code, CIS discovered a loophole that allowed the existing tower to be considered a pre-existing non-conforming use.  Using language from that section of the city’s code combined with language from the wireless tower siting section, CIS was able to effectively argue and gain approval for a drop and swap replacement of the existing light duty tower with a modern multicarrier monopole.  This tower is still part of CIS’ tower portfolio today.