Zoning Approval & Permitting Case Study

CIS became aware of the need for a tower in a populated area of Granite City, IL, where many carriers had tried and failed at in the past.  Granite City had adopted a zoning code that effectively prohibited towers in many areas of the city due to zoning district regulations and tower setback requirements. After surveying […]

Due Diligence Case Study

As part of a major coverage expansion project for a major wireless client, CIS was assigned a turnkey site that was located in a very sensitive historical area in Alton, IL.  CIS successfully identified, negotiated, and zoned a pair of flagpole towers located on a historical cemetery that is home to the Elijah P. Lovejoy […]

Architectural & Engineering Case Study

When US Cellular was aggressively expanding across the Midwest, St. Louis, MO was eyed as a major expansion market for the carrier.  In order to expedite the buildout of the market, US Cellular contracted with a major out of town turnkey vendor for site acquisition, regulatory, environmental, A&E, and construction management services.  Unfortunately, the project […]

Site Acquisition Case Study

CIS was engaged by AT&T to perform site acquisition services on a major densification project in a large Midwestern MTA for over 50 urban raw land sites located in approximately 25 different zoning/permitting jurisdictions.  The goal of the densification project was to increase capacity in areas of the city that had historically been neglected due […]

Consulting Case Study

In 2008, Verizon Wireless inked an agreement to purchase Alltel Wireless’ network and subscribers spanning 34 states with over 13,000,000 subscribers.  As part of Verizon’s acquisition, the Department of Justice mandated an immediate divesture of network assets and subscribers in 6 states consisting of wireless spectrum, approximately 700 sites, and close to 1,000,000 subscribers. Atlantic […]

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