Consulting Case Study

In 2008, Verizon Wireless inked an agreement to purchase Alltel Wireless’ network and subscribers spanning 34 states with over 13,000,000 subscribers.  As part of Verizon’s acquisition, the Department of Justice mandated an immediate divesture of network assets and subscribers in 6 states consisting of wireless spectrum, approximately 700 sites, and close to 1,000,000 subscribers.

Atlantic Tele-Network Incorporated (ATNI) was the successful bidder in the $780M Verizon divestiture, and contracted with CIS to review, audit, and consult on the acquisition of the 700 network assets consisting of a mix of collocated sites and owned tower sites.  Over the course of several months, CIS worked closely with ATNI, Alltel, and the newly formed Verizon divestment trust to identify, audit, and integrate all of the newly purchased assets into ATNI.